Confession of a Geek 2

Dear IIMB viewers. I confess to being a Geek. Big Time. Computer Geek. I used to spend hours late into the night trying to learn how to install databases, rewrite linux code, craft CSS and tinker with javascript and jquery for purposes even now I’m not sure of. You may judge me for this. It’s ...

I’m alive!

Hey, Some of you have noticed that this blog has been down for quite some time. Well, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs and decided to breathe new life into this blog. Because as they say – the value of the blog is directly proportional to which year you are in at an IIM. … or ...

At IIMB. Post 1. 1

Dear Reader, I myself was wondering when I would actually get to sit down to actually put up a proper post regarding my most recent significant development in my life so far, i.e. my admission to the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Oh yes, that place, with the yeah, 3 idiots, hmmhmm, yep. Funny how ...

jQuery Presentation 1

jQuery Presentation
Hey, I recently gave a presentation on jQuery, the javascript library. For those of you new to jQuery, its an awesome Javascript (the in-browser scripting language), that allows you do play around with your webpages, and create some really fancy interactive elements and actions. The basic points I discussed, in the order: Some basic applications ...

How to use Google Public DNS with BSNL Router 3

How to use Google Public DNS with BSNL Router
Google has just launched its Google Public DNS service, freely available for you to use. Another free Google service, yaay! Wait, what is DNS? DNS is something that ideally, you wouldn’t even know what it meant. Actually, it stands for Domain Name System, and is the system of computers and registries around the world that ...

How to set up Trac and Subversion SVN on Dreamhost 8

How to set up Trac and Subversion SVN on Dreamhost
While I was just digging around Dreamhost’s panel, I stumbled across a new One Click Install I had not seen before: Trac. Trac is, according to their site, ¬†an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Nifty. The last time I had tried my hand with Trac, I think I almost lost ...

Game: Chat Noir in Javascript 3

Game: Chat Noir in Javascript
I invite you to check out this Javascript game I created, called Chat Noir (Black Cat in french). The objective of the game is really simple: Trap the cat before it gets to the edges. I’ve used Javascript (with jQuery) and CSS to implement it. It’s based on a similar flash game by Play ...

Cool GMail Labs Features – Get more from GMail

Cool GMail Labs Features - Get more from GMail
I’ve been asked by quite a few people who’ve seen my GMail, and were surprised to even imagine GMail like that. So I figured I’d do a quick post on how to get GMail’s coolest features. Here is my Inbox:

Help: I Can’t Open .EXE Files! 4

Help: I Can't Open .EXE Files!
Actually, this is the exact query that I got: In my system all exe files are being opened with notepad!!! Thats more or less what I got in a conversation a few minutes ago. Now, this particular question isn’t particularly new, and it can be caused by an overzealous tinkerer or a malicious code (if ...

Find Anything (on your desktop) with Everything 1

Find Anything (on your desktop) with Everything
Don’t you just love those little programs that do that one small thing, oh so perfectly? (Remember the Norton User Access Control tool?). Well, this little program is also just as awesomeous.