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The oh-so-annoying User Access Control dialog

The oh-so-annoying User Access Control dialog

If you’ve used Vista, or rather, if you are still using Vista, you’ll know one of the most annoying this about it is probably the User Access Control.

I’m talking about the ridiculously annoying pop up that comes up everytime you do anything beyond basic usage. This means opening up any options, applying any settings, and of course, when you want to run anything as Administrator.

So for the Download of the Week for this week, I present a solution: The Norton Vista User Account Control.

Heres how it works:

  1. You install it (in Vista, of course)
  2. You try running anything that would normally trigger a User Access Control dialog box
  3. Hey presto, you’ll see a different kind of prompt.
Norton's UAC Dialog

Norton’s UAC Dialog

  1. Check, thats right, check the checkbox that says ‘Don’t Ask Me Again’
  2. You’re done.

Try doing the same action again. Thats right, no more annoying prompts.

My take: A must have program for every Vista user. UAC is a good idea, however horribly implemented in terms of HCI principles. Install Norton’s UAC tool, live life easier. Kind of ridiculous that this feature didn’t come from Microsoft in a Service Pack or something. One would have thought it obvious right?

Download Nortons UAC Tool here.

Did this make your vista experience any easier? Sound off in the comments đŸ™‚

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