GRE Dates for Hyderabad and Kolkata, 2009

A little screenshot collection of GRE Dates for Hyderabad and Kolkata for the year 2009

Cracking GRE 2009 from Princeton Review

I was just asked to look up the dates for, well, the GRE, so I did.

Then I wondered if it would the last of such request that I might get.

And hey, I had a semi-permanent place to post things, now didn’t I?

Anyways, click to read after the jump for the screenshot images (all neatly photoshopped), of the available dates for the GRE exam in Hyderabad and Kolkata, for the rest of 2009

Here are the dates for GRE in Hyderabad:

GRE Hyderabad Dates, 2009
GRE Dates for Hyderabad, 2009

And for Kolkata:

GRE Dates for Kolkata, 2009
GRE Dates for Kolkata, 2009

Go ahead, share it with your friends. And remember, I’m not responsible if those dates get booked, the timings are off, or if your pet chocked because it read my blog.

Another thing, the GRE General Exam costs $180, or around Rs.8,500. Wow. Paying that amount just makes you want to study harder, doesn’t it?

Check out for more info. Cheers.

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GRE Hyderabad Dates
GRE Hyderabad Dates

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No real "idea" of it.

I might take a look at it sometime though.

Did you find this helpful?

is these dates were really available…..???? or booked by some one…plz tell me the correct updates of this dates.

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