I was initially going to avoid writing about the drudgeries of office and work (though its been pretty damn interesting and impactful, so that’s cool), but I thought I’d mention this buzzword that we’ve started using:


It basically is meant to be used as a verb, to reduce the risk of not completing a work on  time.

Now, as with most post-MBA work, this is pretty deadline intensive and critical to our stakeholders, so we’re on our toes working on delivering the best we can with the precious little time we have (for example, time spent going to grab a coffee and back is when I think about how to restructure my excel sheet so it makes sense – hint, this involves color coding).

So with certain high level meetings coming up, we’ve had to up our game even more, leading to understanding questions like ‘I understand that’s a lot of work – how are we going to de-risk that’.

Alright, admittedly, nothing ground breaking about that. I’m sure everyone’s got their own kind of killer buzz words (last week I introduced ‘Redflagging’… which had its 15 minutes of fame (more like 10), before we were worrying about de-risking our red flags).

It’s been a pretty good productive week, and a historical first of cooking in dinner for a friend. That involved derisking the experience as well, as I was already off my schedule by an hour, and had to minimize my shop trips, and parallel process my cooking (ala MasterChef Australia, which I’d been watching on regular basis now after work).

Another good relaxing weekend on the cards. Might try coding a bit, and then work on something that I’m supposed to be derisking.




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