Value of a Tidbit

So I was just watching Suits, on my shiny new Nexus 7 Tablet (I haven’t used the word Shiny in front of the Nexus when I described it to you, you haven’t heard the news from me), when this one scene in particular struck me as Wow.

Donna, the secretary of the lead lawyer, has just been rehired, when she meets another opposing lawyer, Lois, and suddenly asks which suit he is wearing. We get his answer.

She immediately walked to her Boss (remember that guy was ‘opposing’), and tells her that, get this, 4 years ago, Norma (secretary of Lois), had told her that the day Lois becomes a Senior Partner, had a special suit made for it. And today, he was wearing it. And because he was wearing the suit, he was now made Senior Partner. And since her Boss is one of two people who can declare a Senior Partner, the Boss’ opponent is making backstabbing moves.

I thought wow, 4 years ago, that little tidbit. And this connection was made the day she was rehired after a traumatic exit 6 weeks back.

Sometimes we have all sorts of amazingly useless information that we get in our daily lives. But the brain does some seriously awesome stuff connecting the dots sometimes.

So when someone says something utterly retarded, but is a fact, keep it I deplore of you. Cherish that nugget of irrelevance, till that day when it has the chance to come up.

And now back to the show.


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