Theories and Things to Do

As usual, its been a very long time since my last post. A thousand pardons.

I write now from Sydney, Australia, (Rhodes, if you really want), working as a client relationship manager at the same organization I used to since post-graduating. Different role, but definitely lots of learning.

I’ve also realized the human potential to learn is still pretty vast. I am more cognizant of things that can be done, how it can benefit others, and how value can be extracted. But wow, so little time for it all.

Anyway, before I save this as a draft and promise to update it and then never do, I thought I’d jot down one theory I’m working on.

The fundamental idea is that there is an optimal population density that is directly correlated to overall economic development. If the density is too low, then it would be hard to collect enough resources to develop anything. And if it is too high, then you have the problem of dealing with large scale under-utilization, unemployment, and the issue of subsidies or dependencies that hamper growth. Therefore, an optimal level of population density would allow the region to have enough employment for everyone, and to progress as a society.

Ok, like I said, it is a theory, so I haven’t substantiated it, and possibly never will (time, oh dear, time), but these are the kind of thoughts that occur to me now as I walk 5 minutes from a high rise apartment to a shopping mall and look at the relatively low density of people living in (perceived) prosperity. Contrast to developing nations (including my own), where the focus of budgets are on improving the lives at the base of the (very large) pyramid.

Now, I haven’t thought out the action items yet, but job and education schemes (why are they called schemes anyway) would be the crux of it. Back to thinking.

Life is long enough to do something. Let me see.

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