Artifacts of our lives

Stumbled back on my blog again, and this time fixed a a loading bug on one of my most popular posts (a tutorial on using Gmail on PHP), so hopefully that should help people in the future.

For now, though I shall ramble. Hold on time.

Was pleasantly surprised to read what I had written earlier, and now look forward to writing something else of material interest that I shall look enjoy reading from the near future. I realized that these are really just artifacts of our lives – the pieces of things that we have done, which for some reason, hold value to us. We need them, and depend on these artifacts. Entire relationships can be made or destroyed by the presence or absence of something physical.

Alright, even my randomness generator is feeling that its overloading. Point is, I shall need to work on my outputs, and focus on creating things, for both myself and for others. Its the only way that we exist beyond the time frame that our lives run. These artifacts are who we are. Without these creations, we would cease to exist.

Too often we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of doing tasks which have no significance for ourselves, except to get paid for receiving other services that we need to be done for ourselves. The objects we create, our writings, our paintings, our recordings of songs, etc – these are the things that truly define us.

That said, I shall try to put words on paper, color on a painting and record my singing so that I can Ctrl+S myself. I would highly recommend you do the same. I shall be eager to follow you.


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