Automation to Post Scarcity World

Conflict on this world exists because of resources being scarce – so until the point that there is nothing to covet, there will be conflict in some form or the other.

Conflict is also a drain on a countries resources, with the bare minimum of military expenses which takes away from most development programs (though there are some clear benefits from military aimed research & development).

We are at the cusp of a scarcity world entering into post scarcity – though it will be still a few generations before we are truly post scarcity. What do I mean? Anything that is “install once, use many/everwhere”; e.g. renewable energy (discounting degradation over time), software – write once, copy easily and run everywhere (ideally if a problem is solved once, it doesn’t need to be solved again – thanks to open source as well), and now Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is different from software – as software still takes human effort (expensive, limited by head count) to develop, customise. Machine Learning still does take effort to build up, but think of it as renewable energy – a well built ML system would be able to learn, adapt, reducing effort to onboard new things.

Imagine, building an automated system that converted sand/rocks into machines, which then built more of itself while also creating solar panels. Give these machines a few years, and they could potentially terraform a dessert (Paperclip problem?)

Eventually humanity will be able to drive most of the population above poverty line, using renewables/automation to fund Universal Basic Income.

What does humanity do then? what kind of businesses would flourish? Experiences would become the rarity. Rich/Poor divide would continue – until transport is a 0 cost, 0 time system. Accesses will be privileged. Material things would be less valuable, as any commodity can be mass produced.

Jobs would give meaning, uncharted territories would be thrilling – as humanity starts to explore other stars, planets. Happiness and fulfilment will be the most significant things to desire. Religion will likely play an increased role in giving some semblance of direction.

For now, focus on automating as much of your life as possible, encourage others to invest in improving their life by Not wasting time. Seek fulfilment by living a good productive life empowering yourself and others.

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