Game: Chat Noir in Javascript

Chat Noir in Javascript
Chat Noir in Javascript

I invite you to check out this Javascript game I created, called Chat Noir (Black Cat in french).

The objective of the game is really simple: Trap the cat before it gets to the edges.

I’ve used Javascript (with jQuery) and CSS to implement it. It’s based on a similar flash game by

Play it here, and let me know what you think.


Cool GMail Labs Features – Get more from GMail

I’ve been asked by quite a few people who’ve seen my GMail, and were surprised to even imagine GMail like that. So I figured I’d do a quick post on how to get GMail’s coolest features.

Here is my Inbox:

GMail Inbox
GMail Inbox

Help: I Can’t Open .EXE Files!

Actually, this is the exact query that I got:

In my system all exe files are being opened with notepad!!!

Thats more or less what I got in a conversation a few minutes ago. Now, this particular question isn’t particularly new, and it can be caused by an overzealous tinkerer or a malicious code (if you haven’t done anything, truthfully, and this happened to you, please check it out with an antivirus).

The problem, if you want to understand is that Windows is designed so that every file is expected to have an extension. That 3 letter ending tells the Windows OS with which program to open the file with. So if you have .txt file, you should open it with Notepad.exe.

Now what about a .exe file? Who opens that? The answer is simple: Itself! Hence you have to tell the OS (through the Registry Editor), to open the .exe file with itself. Hence “%1” %* as the open with command, which indicates that the file needs to be opened with the same .exe (%1), and having the same arguments (%*) that it was assigned.

Anyway, in order to fix this, please follow the following instructions..

Google announces the Chrome Operating System

Shiny shiny Chrome
Shiny shiny Chrome, now also an Operating System

Google has created another stir in the technology community again with the announcement of the launch of their new Chrome Operating System.

Thats right. Operating System. Like Microsoft-makes-Windows-Operating-System Operating System.

The details are pretty sketchy, but here’s what we know so far…

Google it with Bing!

At various odd points in conversation, such as when comparing the proper noun Xerox to the verb Photocopying (my Indian friends are well aware of the unawareness of the distinction), I usually drag in how we’re going to Google anything we want to find.

“Where are my car keys?” “I don’t know, google it, maybe under your bed?”

Then I saw this video.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Just took that concept to a very relevant perspective.

My take: If you know anything about Google and Bing, watch it and show it to your friends.

(If you’re new here: Google‘s a search engine from Google, Bing’s a search engine from Bing Microsoft.)


Find Anything (on your desktop) with Everything

Search with Everything!
Search with Everything!

Don’t you just love those little programs that do that one small thing, oh so perfectly? (Remember the Norton User Access Control tool?). Well, this little program is also just as awesomeous.


Asp.NET Mail using Gmail SMTP Tutorial

It’s very useful to learn how to set up to send mail using Asp.NET, both GMail and Asp.NET are widely used and trusted. One advantage is flexibility: If you’re a setting up a large email system for mass mail-outs to Foxy Bingo customers and other gaming fans, or if you’re a smaller, family business who is just mailing your local clientele, this system is up to the job. Enjoy the tutorial.

So here is another, even briefer, tutorial on sending mail in Asp.NET using GMail SMTP (means using a GMail Account doh!).


PHP Mail using Gmail SMTP Tutorial

Alright, this was one of the queries I got a few days back. I finally got the time to pour some time on it.

So here is the tutorial for sending PHP Mail using Gmail as your SMTP engine.


Swine Flu Fun

Swine Flu, pigs flying
Swine….Flu…Really, must I explain?

Alright, aside from that visual pun above, most of you may well know that something very delicious dangerous going by the name of the Swine Flu, is flying around (literally: it’s airborne).

My dear friend Ananth (yes, you only :)) suggested I do a post with the content of an email, that he forwarded for the benefit of class, for the general mass of equally ignorant … people.

So with less of me, and more of him, here is the email copied word for word, character for character, tittle for tittle..


Norton Vista User Access Control Tool

The oh-so-annoying User Access Control dialog
The oh-so-annoying User Access Control dialog

If you’ve used Vista, or rather, if you are still using Vista, you’ll know one of the most annoying this about it is probably the User Access Control.

I’m talking about the ridiculously annoying pop up that comes up everytime you do anything beyond basic usage. This means opening up any options, applying any settings, and of course, when you want to run anything as Administrator.

So for the Download of the Week for this week, I present a solution: The Norton Vista User Account Control.

Heres how it works:

  1. You install it (in Vista, of course)
  2. You try running anything that would normally trigger a User Access Control dialog box
  3. Hey presto, you’ll see a different kind of prompt.
Norton's UAC Dialog
Norton’s UAC Dialog
  1. Check, thats right, check the checkbox that says ‘Don’t Ask Me Again’
  2. You’re done.

Try doing the same action again. Thats right, no more annoying prompts.

My take: A must have program for every Vista user. UAC is a good idea, however horribly implemented in terms of HCI principles. Install Norton’s UAC tool, live life easier. Kind of ridiculous that this feature didn’t come from Microsoft in a Service Pack or something. One would have thought it obvious right?

Download Nortons UAC Tool here.

Did this make your vista experience any easier? Sound off in the comments 🙂