GRE Dates for Hyderabad and Kolkata, 2009 5

GRE Dates for Hyderabad and Kolkata, 2009
I was just asked to look up the dates for, well, the GRE, so I did. Then I wondered if it would the last of such request that I might get. And hey, I had a semi-permanent place to post things, now didn’t I? Anyways, click to read after the jump for the screenshot images ...

A few good Google + Gmail updates. 2

A few good Google + Gmail updates.
Google has always had a very special place in my browser heart, and for that reason, I thought I’d do a little update post on some new Googly things out in the wild. GMail Inbox Preview First of all, for those of you who use Gmail, you know it can be a real pain in, ...

Awesome Galaxy Time-Lapse Photography Video

You’ve read the title, now here goes: Simply awesomeous, what? I feel so small again. 🙂 Comments?

Wolfram|Alpha – the Google Killer? 6

Wolfram|Alpha - the Google Killer?
  Alright, what is Wolfram|Alpha, and why is the title of this post so enthusiastically indicating it could murder Google, our beloved search overlord? Wolfram|Alpha, publicly released today, is the brainchild of the Stephen Wolfram and co, the creaters of Mathematica, the world standard program for any kind of mathematical research. They’ve got 20 years ...

Zoozoo what? 15

Zoozoo what?
Now you know (atleast in India), that you have created a national phenomenon catching the attention of millions of Indians, when you appear on on an Amul billboard advertisement. Zoozoos, as they are called, were created to promote the Value Added Services of Vodafone.  For instance, from reading this article, it seemed that which people ...

A First 8

K, I promise to write something up tomorrow. But First! (vk: dude, its your own blog. You Have to be the first) 😀