Return of the Blog

Finally, after months of putting off reinstalling this blog (which for some very odd reasons, decided to fade off from the face of earth by presenting, instead of lovely lively content, a very modernistic and abstract concept called ‘White’).

After trying hard to debug the corrupted install (suddenly while poking around the files I saw that half the files were renamed ‘INFECTED’ – talk about cobwebs in your closet), I cleaned it out, with a fresh install of the WordPress platform, and managed to import my old posts and comments.

The main reason to get those old posts was to continue making sure this one post PHP  Mail using Gmail SMTP, written one cold and vengeful day when I decided to write the tutorial so that none after me would fight to get it working. Realizing that after 60 comments, even upto April 2012, the people were still googling the internet to find an answer and landing on my page, that I had the solemn responsibility that the link remains accessible.

Alright, so anyway, after racking my head for a few hours on this, I think I should get back to work that I’m paid for. I should be tweaking this blog over time now, incremental updates. And I feel like writing too.. perhaps an effect of completing a Post Graduation from IIM Bangalore (ahem, shameless, ahem).

I also realized earlier today that while in engineering, I had accurately predicted what I thought would happen to technologies today (such as the future of applications would be  HTML/Javascript based, and hence my presentation on jQuery – oh, and this Game I wrote.) I figured I might start jotting these thoughts down, so that when I look back, I can laugh at how hilariously off my predictions were (Just putting in context, Bill Gates once said 64K was enough for anyone)..

That’s all for now then.



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